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What is SwiftOne Identity Platform?

Swift Web Solutions

This dynamic base project empowers you to create extraordinary digital experiences and enables you to build robust web solutions effortlessly with unparalleled speed and flexibility. The modern and efficient features makes it the ultimate choice for web developers seeking excellence.

Web Development

Base solution to cater to the needs of multiple .NET web project models.

Account Management

Streamline and simplify the process of managing user accounts.

Advanced Security

In-built identity solution including two-factor user authentication, etc.

In-built Emails

In-built html email templates for fast and efficient email communication.

Get the full source code to boost productivity and save valuable time and effort by skipping the tedious & repetitive tasks, and dive straight into building your app, making it super easy to create high-quality applications in no time. Focus on your business code and we take care of the rest!

Benefits of SwiftOne Identity

SwiftOne simplifies the development process and empowers you to focus on what really matters – your business code. Its comprehensive features and in-built modules makes it faster and easier to create high-quality applications and save time, cost and effort. Read more...

Key Features
SOLID Architecture

Clean source code built on strong base frameworks such as C# & .NET for logic and Bootstrap 5 for UI/UX.

Account Management

User creation, verification, recovery, management, deletion, etc built on a strong framework .NET with C#.

Advanced Authentication

Functional module for Magic/Passwordless Signin, advanced email authentication, 2-Factor authentication, etc.

Activity Logging

Advanced account activity logging, showing device, dates, time, etc for user account activities e.g Signin, 2Step-Auth, etc.

Lockout Cancellation

Advanced account lockout on several failed attempts plus lockout cancellation. No need to wait for lockout timeout.

Account Preferences

Persistent theme mode setting across the system. Choose the primary font type from 60+ in-built font types and counting.

Build Anything .NET

Build Anything On Top of SwiftOne Identity Platform

Don't waste time by re-inventing the Login. SwiftOne Identity has advanced authentication enabled by default. Focus on the business logic and build faster!

Save thousands of dollars

SwiftOne allows you to save thousands whilst adopting the best solution.

Create anything faster

Build any .NET web project faster than competition, without losing quality.

For Your Success We Provide The Best
.NET Base Solution With Full Source Code

We give you full source code to customize everything about your projects

Content Management Systems

Build content management system faster and beat your competition.

Business Platforms

Create business platforms with the best security measures in place.

Internal SaaS

Build internal platforms for team and workforce collaboration.

3 simple steps to build & deploy

1Download SwiftOne Identity

Download the project with full source code.

2Customize, add your code

Customize the project to add your business logic.

3Deploy live

Deploy the app anywhere, unlimited servers.

Pricing Options

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/ forever
What’s included

Develop 1 commercial product

To be used by up to 2 developers

Up to 6 months free support

Full source code included for free

Lifetime usage, no deployment limits.

Unlimited server counts & instances.

6 months free upgrades & updates.

6 months access to latest source code.

None transferable license.

Cannot sell the end product with it's source code.

Cannot sell a development project with source code.

Cannot give away the product with it's source code.

/ forever
What’s included

Develop unlimited commercial products

To be used by unlimited developers

Up to 24 months free support

Full source code included for free

Lifetime usage, no deployment limits.

Unlimited server counts.

24 months free upgrades & updates.

24 months access to latest source.

Complete transferable license.

You can give away the product with it's source code.

You can sell the end product with source code.

You can sell a development project with source code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Find answers to the most common questions you may have. If you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for, just Contact Us

SwiftOne Identity is the ultimate base solution for building any type of .NET Web Application and Project. It is powered by .NET, Advanced Authentication and the Stella technology for access authentication.

SwiftOne Identity is for any .NET web application developer, individuals or teams, who are seeking excellence, modern UI solutions, advanced integrated security, robust & responsive design with full source code of the base solution.

You can develop any web application with SwiftOne Identity. It's' an advanced base solution made with .NET, C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. SwiftOne Identity comes as a Visual Studio IDE Solution and uses the components based model to create the system.

You will get the full source code of the base solution (Visual Studio IDE Solution), license to use the solution to build anything (royalty free), unlimited server counts and deployments, free upgrades and support according to your license type, etc.

You will receive a license key which allows you to download SwiftOne Identity Source Code and customize it.

All licenses are perpetual, meaning will use SwiftOne Identity indefinitely, forever, royalty free!

Some of the features you will receive:
  • Advanced Authentication
  • Two-Step Authentication
  • Account Recovery System
  • Activity Logs
  • Account Lockout
  • etc.

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